28.10.2017 Let’s get acquainted!

Hello everyone! Whether you happen to be here accidentally or on purpose, we are glad to welcome our friend in our Mining Now community! Let’s get acquainted!
What do you know about crypto-currencies and the way they are mined? Even if youre a real pro, for sure you will confirm that unprofessional mining is a risky business.
The complexity of mining is increasing, the price of crypto currency is highly volatile, miners are growing old and they require maintenance, repair and timely reconfiguration.
However this business, especially if it is risky, is needed to be competently run: managing the equipment, conducting complex calculations with equipment and services investors and suppliers.
And this laborious work is exactly what our Mining Now company does! We are engaged in purchasing, connecting and setting up the equipment for mining of crypto-currencies. We service a huge farm and manage a pool of equipment so that each member of the community receives the maximum profit.
In other words, we do not inflate soap bubbles but conduct tangible productive activities. The result is an effective mining and the interests of everyone who joined us are respected.
If you have read this far, then you are already thinking about how to mine crypto currency and what such an acquisition can be specifically for you. Now lets deed.

1) buy tokens Mining Now! for any price starting with 10 euros. Payment is accepted in the currency of the bank on the company’s settlement account or in the crypto currency;

2) convert at the current exchange rate by receiving tokens on the Ethereum wallet;

3) participate in the procurement of new equipment with your investments via us;

Monthly we distribute 30% of the profit from the mining activity among the owners of Mining Now tokens! We estimate the current value of our tokens basing upon the fact that it should bring 3% of its value monthly. And since the profitability from mining is higher, this guarantees the growth of the cost of Mining Now tokens!
Our business model takes into account market volatility. That is the obligations to you will be met, even if the rate of crypto-currency will fall 4 times. However, this offer looks fantastic because if someone falls, then someone on the contrary rises. And having a production base for efficient mining, we timely switch to a leader.
A community member is not only ensured a profitability of 3% per month from the market value of the tokens he purchased. He benefits from an increase in the cost of his acquisition. After all, you can sell tokens on the exchange at a high rate, or use the option of repurchase. This part of an income can be much higher and reach 120-160% per annum.
A pleasant detail. We give our friends the right to choose – a part of a received income, if it`s desired, is not provided in the form of payments in a fiat currency (euro), but by bitcoins, ethereums or another crypto currency.
Who are we? A European company with registration in Bulgaria. In other words, we are a mining company that is able to provide the main components of the ico project reliability, openness, security and simplicity, and significantly reduce the risks for any member of the Mining Now community!

Thank you for your interest to our work and let’s mine together!