30.10.2017 International project Mining Now

International project Mining Now is ready to come to the State Duma of Russia
According to the statement of the committee for education and science deputy Boris Chernyshov, on 25th of December the first world meeting of miners is going to be held there. The deputy has information that representatives of 16 countries will participate in the event, including Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, the United States and others.
“We, as representatives of Bulgaria in the field of mining, are interested in visiting such a meeting,” Aleksei Zenkov comments, the founder and project manager of Mining Now. “The main generating capacities of the project are now located exactly in Russia because of the low cost of electricity. And it is understandable that interaction with the legislative superior bodies contribute us, miners, to the understanding of the rules of the game which will be established by the Russian state.”
As the organizers of the first world meeting consider, it promises to become interesting. In particular, because Russia has already formed a sufficient number of structures that deal with blocking technologies and mining. Two months ago the Cryptocurrencies and blockchain association was established. German Klimenko, President Vladimir Putin for the Internet issued councilor, was at the origin of it.
It would be more correct to call the Mining Now project, which identifies itself as a Bulgarian one, international. After all, it mines cryptocurrency in the territory of Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.
According to its founder and CEO Aleksei Zenkov, communication with colleagues in the blockchain field and State Duma deputies will allow discussing the creation of the favorable legal framework and the most advanced legislation which will help to attract developers to Russian jurisdiction.
“This, in turn, will lead to the effective use of spare electricity on the market, and perhaps even the receipt of some preferences for the miners who work legally in Russia,” the head of the international Mining Now project says.