02.11.2017 Blockchain is too tough for hackers

Blockchain is too tough for hackers.

Yesterday bitcoin was precisely nine years old. On the 3th of October, 2008 a protocol and a principle of operation of a principally new payment system was published by a person or a group of people who were hiding behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamato. As Aleksei Zenkov, the founder and project manager of Mining Now, notes, the success of bitcoin largely depends on its defense – now the cost of hacking is estimated by experts at USD 50 billion.
However, two months passed between the release of the first file and the release of the first bitcoin. The peer-to-peer payment system, which has got a reliable cryptographic protection, started functioning fully in January 3, 2009 – 50 bitcoins came out to conquer the world. And its latest version appeared relatively recently – in June 18, 2017.
In September of the same year the first exchange of bitcoins to a fiat currency was made (US dollars), and in May 2010 the first goods were purchased for cryptocurrency. They were two delivered pizzas. Today, taking the bitcoin rate of exchange into account, this purchase would cost USD 65,563,500.
“Bitcoin is by far the most famous currency on cryptomarket,” Aleksei Zenkov says, the founder and project manager of Mining Now. – But pay attention to such currencies as etherium. This is not even a currency, but a technological platform which more and more solutions are being built on, both for business and the state interests. ”
Indeed, buddy bitcoin, which no one can block even temporarily, except for an owner of a cryptocurrency, is no longer available from the graphical interface and is not complete in Turing, in contrast to new blockchain systems that came to replace it.
According to Aleksei Zenkov, today cryptocurrencies have got an exceptional reliability.
“Despite numerous attempts, hackers have never managed to crack any serious blockchain network. The only thing that could be done to intruders was to steal keys of users` wallets. However, this is already a question to the users or to the exchanges that issued the keys of the access codes. If we talk about the cost of hacking of a bitcoin network, now it is estimated at half the cost of its capitalization, that is, at least $ 50 billion,” the project manager of Mining Now states.