03.11.2017 Officials will learn blockchaining

A course on the basics of cryptoeconomics for members of the Russian government has been developed. Meanwhile, Ukraine is going to use blockchain to carrying out election campaigns.

According to media reports, Vnesheconombank is ready to teach federal officials the basics of blockade in 14 hours. Then they will pass tests on knowledge of cryptoeconomics. However, if in Russia they just begin studying the basics of technological revolution, the UK is already ready to help Ukraine to introduce blochchain for using it during elections.
Technological solutions have been successfully tested for election purposes since 2014. The Danish party Liberal Alliance which used the technology of the distributed registry to carry out their elections in one of the suburbs of Copenhagen, became innovators.
In the case of Kiev’s consent, they will receive blochchain, which will ensure the highest level of data protection and guarantees of election procedures. According to the developers, the system can be implemented within a month. After that, any falsifications of elections will be out of the question. The first step was a recent transfer of the Ukrainian State Land Registration to the blockchain technology.