16.11.2017 Another decision in favor of people

Deputies propose to allow Russians to buy tokens during ICO amounting to not more than one hundred thousand rubles. This was reported by Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets.

The purpose of this restriction is to exclude the possibility of capital laundering. At the same time, from his statement it is not entirely clear if it will be possible to invest this amount in one ICO or the total investment in all projects of one individual should not exceed it.

It is clear that the Duma members are thinking of people, and ultimately this will refer to a small amount of citizens. Ways to bypass this restriction immediately come to mind. For example, it will be possible to register children and old people to participation. However, the only question is: why? If an economically active Russian has got spare funds, which he wants to invest in startups, why should he be interfered? Wouldn`t it be more correct to develop ways of regulation and taxation, so that everyone would stay with his owns?

And how will they control this? For example, someone decided to invest their Ethereums, who would stop him?

It seems that deputies` loud speeches about blochchain and cryptocurrencies mean that they do not even know what they really are.