17.11.2017 Blockchain corridor between Europe and America

The payment system American Express announced the long-awaited news: now money transfers from Europe to America and back will take not one or two days, as it used to be before, but several seconds. This was made possible due to cooperation with the Ripple settlement system, which provided its RippleNet blockchain to create an intercontinental corridor. According to Marcus Triher, the head of Ripple, this corridor is not only fast, but also safe. Europe uses a platform of British Santander. It is noted that the corridor uses a perfect blockchain, and the operation now takes less than 9 seconds.

Let`s recall that an attempt to connect Europe and the States has already been made in the cooperation of Ripple and the Swedish bank SEB.

The corridor will be managed by a special unit of AmEx.

The market has immediately reacted to the news. On Thursday, XRP tokens, the currency of the Ripple system, increased more than twice, and the daily trading volume – fourfold. Now the market capitalization of XRP is at around $ 9.2 billion.