18.11.2017 NEO, you’re the chosen one!

The so-called Chinese Ethereum, namely the NEO project, announced that the important news will be released in the next three days. The market reacted immediately, raising the rate of tokens by one third.

There is a suggestion that during this period the Chinese authorities will announce a plan for regulating the market of cryptocurrency, and NEO will receive direct state support.

Whatever it was, it should be noted that this is a good and cunning move from the project`s managers – the rate has been raised and they`ve reminded of themselves once again.

Let’s notice that from China, as well as from a lot of other countries, the most controversial news about state cryptocurrency regulation come. First they turn off the electricity for miners, then they prohibit the trade of cryptocurrency for yuan, then vice versa – they launch new projects. All this despite the fact that Tianxia is the world leader in the mining capacities and production of equipment for it.