20.11.2017 Bitcoin should or should not be?

Against the backdrop of different countries and banking community`s extensive criticism of cryptocurrencies, whose main claim is the lack of control and the possibility of their use in the shadow economy and the financing of terrorism, the price of bitcoin broke through 8000 dollars per unit. There are many opinions on the future of the first cryptocurrency. Some people believe that the price for a bitcoin should not exceed one hundred US dollars, others that it will reach 400,000 dollars for one coin.

Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe the exchange rate reached 14,000, which is explained by the coup d’├ętat that took place last week.

Trading platform LedgerX announced the launch of the first option for bitcoin for a year in advance.

So what will happen to the bitcoin rate? Most likely, nobody knows one hundred percent. However, after reading the news feeds attentively, a strong feeling that there is no reason for its collapse appears.