25.11.2017 Blockchain and the new world order

The other day the Japanese village of Nishiwakura announced a carrying out of an ICO for the infrastructure`s update and the economy recovery. Today it became known about the similar intentions of the authorities of Bermuda. Such news make think about the following.

Will technological progress lead to a change in the world order? Agree, the first thing that comes to mind is that it will soon be a common practice to raise funds to solve local problems of building an apartment, a street, a village, a city or a region by means of funds brought through ICO, without appealing to a state. On the one hand, it can give an impetus to the development of the economy and infrastructure, on the other – the weakening of a central state machine, when every small administrative unit will achieve economic independence.

And if blockchain leads to the decentralization of power, the economic freedom of small administrative units, it can be said with certainty that it has changed the world. It remains only to believe that each day there will be more and more news like the one that came from the Japanese village of Nishyavakura.