27.11.2017 4 million bitcoins – it`s not a joke!

Bitcoin has recently been in the highlight of the world media. At the weekend, it updated the price record, exceeding over 9.000 dollars for a coin.

Against the backdrop of its price the Chainalysis project`s study hurts psyche even more. It announced that from 2.78 million to 3.79 million bitcoins have disappeared from the turnover forever. Among mentioned reasons, there are erroneous transactions, loss of wallets` passwords, etc. At today’s rate, it is $ 25-35 billion.

The company says that due to the powerful growth of bitcoin prices, coin holders are becoming more attentive to their assets. Nevertheless, the amount of the cryptocoins that potentially fall out of the turnover will only grow. The project does not specify the methodology of the study, but it is known that Europol and the US Internal Revenue Service apply to their services.

It is not entirely clear whether the coins kept on CoolWallets were taken into account in the study. But anyway, the scale of losses is impressive.