28.11.2017 Expect the worst …

The mystery of the century – who is the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto? Yesterday, it was reported that a former employee of SpaceX project, Sakhil Gupta, has every reason to believe that bitcoin was created by the legendary innovator and engineer Ilon Mask. Admit it, this would be quite expected and logical, considering all the merits of this outstanding personality!

Today Ilon disproved this supposition on his Twitter. He said that his friend had once transferred a bitcoin to him, but the fate of the money is unknown to Mask.

By the way, talking about the fate of cryptocoins. Without exaggeration, the heartbreaking story happened to a resident of Newport, Rhode Island, USA, James Howells. In 2009 he mined 7500 bitcoins at home. The laptop which the bitcoins were kept on broke down and he got rid of it, saving only its hard drive. After a while, forgetting about the presence of cryptocurrency on the HDD, he simply threw it away.

A spokeswoman of the city council in Newport said that even if someone finds a treasure lost by the poor fellow, it will certainly be returned to the owner. The attitude of local authorities is worthy of respect, isn`t it?

And in the meantime, remembering that the bitcoin`s exchange rate has exceeded $ 10,000 dollars, it’s easy to calculate how much James` forgetfulness cost him…