30.11.2017 Smartphone instead of passport

The Reform research center made an offer to the British government to develop a system for identifying citizens based on blockchain technology. This interface should lead to a reduction in bureaucracy and simplification of interaction between the state and citizens.

As Reform states, the blockchain platform should become a supplement to existing resources, systematize the divergent information of departments and in the long term replace passports. Every British can sign up on a special website or a smartphone application, giving the state access to their personal data. To support the process of recognizing a person they offer a fingerprint or a face scan.

Experts believe that the implemented Verify technology developed by the UK government in a slow-moving mode will not be widely used, as its use is not always possible.

Meanwhile, Canada and Switzerland are planning to introduce an identification blockchain system.

Time will tell if we can completely give up paper identity cards, but reading news feeds, you can catch yourself thinking that the future is just around the corner.