04.12.2017 Bitcoin raised a new class of billionaires

Newspaper The Telegraph announced the first billionaires, who became ones thanks to bitcoin. They are the twin brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

It is interesting where they got such a capital. Everyone remembers the lawsuits between the brothers and Mark Zuckerberg, the essence of which was that the Winklevosses accused the latter one of stealing the idea of creating a social network Facebook. The process ended up with a settlement, according to which the defendant paid the plaintiffs $ 65 million.

Brothers invested $ 11 million in bitcoins from that money, buying them in 2013 at a rate of $ 120 per unit.

According to The Telegraph, the fortune of the Winklevosses is estimated at 100,000 bitcoins. They are recognized as ones of the largest holders of cryptocoins along with the founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

Businessmen said that it is a long-term investment for them, and they are not going to sell the asset.