05.12.2017 How many children has bitcoin got?

Every day the number of cryptocurrencies is growing. Its reason isn`t just numerous ICOs, but also a lot of hardforks that have flooded news feeds.

Today a Chinese cryptocurrency investor Chandler Guo announced his intention to launch Bitcoin God fork on the block 501 225. Tentatively, this should happen in December the 25th this year, the total issue will be 21 million coins. This way the businessman decided to congratulate the community on Christmas.

In the meantime, the other day it was announced about another planned Lightning Bitcoin hardfork on the block 499 999. Last week Bitcoin Diamond fork took place, a bit earlier – Bitcoin Gold. At the moment, Bitcoin Cash occupies the strongest position among the branches of the first cryptocurrency, the price of one unit has exceeded 1,5 thousand dollars. Considering the fact that the complexity of Bitcoin Cash mining is almost ten times lower than its forefather, more and more community representatives switch their capacities to mining it.

In addition, in the nearest future we will see Super Bitcoin, Bitcoin Platinum and Bitcoin Cash Plus. We can assume that with each passing day this list will grow like a snowball.

The time will show if the infinite bitcoins forks are worthwhile. The main thing is not to bring the situation to the point of absurdity.