07.12.2017 Nokia: from a paper mill to the blockcain industry, the 150 years’ journey

Could the Nokia company`s founder, Knut Fredrik Idestam, who created his first enterprise – a small paper mill in the distant 1865`, assume that in the 21st century his creation would be engaged in completely different and absolutely incomprehensible to him things, namely, the development of a blockchain project for keeping information in the healthcare field?

That became known from a press release posted on the company’s website.

A group of 100 people conducts system testing. Nokia said that blockchain interests primarily with features of safe information storage. So, the program allows to have access to data only to authorized users.

Portable devices track the distance traveled and the sleep time of the group members, the data is saved on blockchain. Obtained information is compared with the goals set by the participants. If they are achieved, loyalty points are awarded.

The Finnish multinational company, which has done so much for its 150-year history, has reached blockchain projects, which indicates the readiness of its management to keep pace with the times.