08.12.2017 Criminals are caught, bitcoins are taken

In May this year the Bulgarian law enforcement authorities stopped activities of an organized criminal group that was engaged in the illegal importation of goods into the territory of the state. In the course of the operation, the largest sum of bitcoins for the whole history of its existence, namely 213519 coins, was seized. At the current rate, that is more than 3 billion US dollars.

According to the service, the mafia launched a virus that hacked Bulgarian customs programs, thereby avoiding payments importing goods into the country. The criminals conducted calculations in bitcoins, because it was difficult to track the transactions.

Six months later, law enforcement agencies evaded the question of a Bulgarian periodical Bivol.bg about the further fate of such a significant amount, citing the fact that the investigation is not yet over.

Recall that the largest sum before that, seized from violators of law and order in the case of Silk Road, namely 144,000 bitcoins, was implemented at auctions 2015-2016.