10.12.2017 Industrial mining vs. cloud one – 5:0

AA! LAB is a European company that implements an international project Mining Now. We are engaged in industrial mining, and this allows us to carry out a successful crowdfunding, to guarantee the MNW token value`s growth and accordingly a stable profit for our investors.
Thus, comparing the Mining Now project with cloud mining is fundamentally wrong. There`re fundamental differences between us. As evidence, the administration of the project gives five serious points that will help dispel leisured conjectures.
1. Industrial mining provides high profitability. ROI is carried out by monthly payments of at least 36%, in the future it is planned to bring this figure to 66%. In addition, it should be taken into account that the growth in the cost of the MNW token for the first year will be 180%. It is easy to calculate that the total profit for this period will be up to 245% of the initial investment.
2. Participation in industrial mining is a high degree of reliability and economic security. An investor purchases MNW tokens, which actually makes him a co-owner of the computing capacities of the Mining Now project. At the same time, monthly payments are provided at a rate of 3% of the current value of MNW tokens and have a predisposition to growth.
3. The participants in our project get an opportunity to receive payments in rubles (Russia, withholding personal income tax), in euros (European countries), in cryptocurrency (for everybody). The choice is left to each investor at will.
4. The project of Mining Now is characterized by transparency in the formation of income and clarity in calculations. Distribution is based on the principle – 30% to holders of MNW tokens, the rest is directed to increase generating capacities. Since the number of our tokens is strictly defined, as the generation increases, payments to investors also do, exceeding the targeted 3%.
5. Industrial mining, in contrast to the cloud one, doesn`t rent equipment, but has its own generating capacities. That`s why the MNW tokens, unlike the cloud analogues, have collateral in the form of material assets. And each investor can use the right of repurchase at any time by selling the MNW tokens belonging to him at the nominal value to the project`s administration.

We aren`t in the clouds, we get capital together with you.
Let’s mine together!