12.12.2017 Buy some bread, milk and Bitcoin Cash!

Surely, many of you were wondering about where and how you could buy Bitcoin Cash. In addition to the various ways that are done sitting at your computer desk, now you can just leave your house and buy it!

Lammassu Inc., founded in 2013 by brothers Zack and Josh Harvey and whose ATM were among the first ones and deployed all around the world, announced the beginning of their devices support for Bitcoin Cash operations. To date, there are 268 ATM in total.

Earlier, namely in November 6, 2017, Bitcoinplug ATMs introduced similar services in 21 Los Angeles machines. The Czech company General Bytes, which is the largest organization in the industry, doesn`t lag behind. They announced its intention to carry out technical work with the existing equipment to support Bitcoin Cash.

Thus, when all the mentioned companies make their plans come true, more than 1300 ATMs around the world will support BCH operations. This means that the community has taken this bitcoin fork really seriously, and it has the future, which cannot be said with certainty about the others.