14.12.2017 Life is in full swing!

Unbelievable, but true: the total cryptocurrency market capitalization has taken a half-trillion-dollar mark! Last month it was literally half less. Such a grandiose jump was achieved mainly due to the growth of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin rates. For example, for yesterday the latter one showed a rate growth more than 60%.

We`ll see what happens next. The other day, futures for the first cryptocurrency on the Chicago exchange were launched, and several companies immediately applied for their launch. In addition, CBOE and SME have announced of their intentions to launch futures for Litetcoin and Ethereum. There is a bigger introduction of cryptocurrency into the world economy.

Many analysts think that it is the bubble that will certainly burst sooner or later. We cannot unequivocally assert the opposite, but I would like to believe that they are mistaken, since this whole story has that romantic spirit of freedom, which is lacking in the traditional economic model. In general, if you think about it, absolutely every cryptocurrency market participant is the smith of his happiness, regardless of external factors.

Of course, state authorities don`t really like the aspect. They are annoyed that the money run the guard, and officials are trying in every possible way to fight with it by enacting laws, prohibiting and threatening with persecution. Their main point is that cryptocurrency can be used to finance terrorism and criminal business. The question arises: where did the negative thinking come from? After all, similar criminal acts are performed with fiat money.

Scientific and technological progress has reached a level where, by having certain knowledge and skills, that are accessible to everyone, a person can improve the level and quality of life regardless of the state. And it’s great! Let’s believe in a brighter future!