14.12.2017 The future: is working or not a personal choice?

They have come up with so much! Employees of a Dutch company Institute of Human Obsolescence invented the suit wearing which a person becomes an energy generator for cryptocurrency mining.

The device collects heat, which is naturally produced by a human`s body, and converts it into electricity. During mining tokens are generated which you can later use to buy well-known cryptocurrencies.

So, during the tests, which 37 people participated in, they managed to produce 127,000 mW of electricity and that allowed to get 16.59 thousand tokens.

The project`s participants, which is run by a researcher and artist Manuel Beltran, are very optimistic, saying that the world will come to the state where human labor will be completely replaced by robots and algorithms.

Admit it would be nice to mine cryptocurrency and improve our well-being by doing everyday things, like walking or lying on a couch. Again, there would be an additional incentive to an active lifestyle, because in that case there is much more heat produced than in a calm state.