16.12.2017 Warning, hidden mining!

A Kaspersky Lab specialist, Andrey Malanov, talked on the increasing number of cases of hidden cryptocurrency programs on smartphones. The most common scheme: a user downloads a game on his phone, that, during its setup, asks if he wants to mine cryptocurrency. Many respond to this question positively, and thus voluntarily give access to the capacities of their devices, and receive a nominal game currency for that. Service`s owners get real tokens. This story often refers to Magi coins (XMG) mining, which is not the most popular one (market capitalization is 3.3 million dollars).

Such programs, according to the expert, cannot be called totally harmful because smartphones` owners install and open them by their own will. And everything would be fine if there were not the circumstance a gadget is wear working in the mining mode. Its service term is significantly shortened, which, you will agree, bears direct material damage.

Trend Mirco analysts agree with their colleague. According to them, contrary to common sense, programs are freely available on Google Play.

Another expert, Sergey Nikitin from Group-IB, notes that at the moment miner programs are forbidden to be spread on official application stores. That is why they are masked to be an entertaining content in every possible way. This, above all, relates to products for Android OS, as it allows to use unproven software products.

What to do, how to protect yourself from this kind of malwares? Digital Security employee Alexey Pertsev recommends paying attention to applications` authors, downloads` number, permissions that programs ask for during setups, and also don`t be lazy to read the comments of other users.

Everything that was said above is understandable to an ordinary adult. But how can these risks be explained to children? As a rule, when a child gets a phone, something is uploaded, there`re paid subscriptions and other things that often costs a lot. The question seems to be rhetorical.