18.12.2017 Bitcoin acting

The other day director Christian Kashmir announced his intention to make a comedy film about the first cryptocurrency, which will be called Bitcoin.

The plot of the film is obvious: two brothers-losers are trying to sell a bitcoin wallet, where a large amount of cryptocurrency is stored. It is set in Arizona.

According to the director, in addition to the entertainment component, the film will tell the public about the features of the cryptocurrency market and the latest technologies. The production of the film will begin in New Mexico in April next year.

It will be produced by Lauren Cribb, who Christian met with at the Cannes Festival this spring. A comedian Theo Von was invited to play the main character. He is more known for television projects.

Kashmir says that it’s time for the audience to find out about bitcoin, because, according to the film-maker, it changes the world. It was noted that some participants of the film crew are very interested in cryptocurrency and invest in it.

Anyway, this is a new topic for the film industry, and it will be interesting to see its embodiment on the screen. The time will show if the crew makes a quality product.

It should be noted that in November, Christopher Woodrow, film producer, who participated in the creation of such films as “Birdman” and “Wish I was here”, announced the release of MovieCoin, cryptocurrency for Hollywood films financing. According to him, blockchain technologies will soon break into the world of the film industry, and he wants to be a part of this process.