19.12.2017 A serious bitcoin`s problem

Against the backdrop of the resounding success of the first cryptocurrency in 2017, whose rate, let`s recall, overcame the threshold of 20,000 dollars each at the weekend, an extremely high commission for transactions becomes an increasing problem for the community. It got to the point that if a year ago it was possible to move painlessly thousands of Satoshis from wallet to wallet, now it is inadvisable to send such amounts, because they will be “eaten” by the commission in a greater or lesser degree.

Social networks and DarkNet are boiling with furious messages saying that with the equivalent of $ 100, the transfer fee is $ 20. It is clear that when it comes to an operation of 10 million, this amount does not look critical. But what shall we do when it is about micropayments?

It turns out that bitcoin ceases to be a means of calculation, but is increasingly suitable for storing and multiplying funds. And how shall we deal with small and medium-sized investors? The lion’s share of their modest savings will be bitten off at the first attempt to move them somewhere.

Experts do not give any clear comments on the perspectives for solving this problem. Against the backdrop of low transaction costs in Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, the main cryptocurrency is becoming more elitist and available to more affluent investors. But despite the high volatility, shouts about the bubble, high energy intensity of mining, growing complexity, etc., the attractiveness of this asset continues to grow and conquer the hearts of millions of users of the World Wide Web.