21.12.2017 A car for a bitcoin

Every day it is getting more difficult to understand the news. Analysts say with absolute certainty cardinally opposite opinions on the main cryptocurrency of the modern world. Some promise it will have a rate almost 1,000,000 USD each, others say that tomorrow it is going to burst and will cost nothing. However, the introduction of bitcoins into the world economy is becoming more and more noticeable and irreversible.

In the meantime, the inhabitants of Japan warmly accepted cryptocurrencies, which made the Land of the Rising Sun the largest bitcoin market. IDOM Inc, one of the most notable car dealers, as an experiment made it possible to pay for a car with the first cryptocurrency.

Cooperating with the most famous Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Bitflyer, a company that sells used cars introduces this option only in dealerships now. Later this kind of payment will be available in additional 550 shopping centers.

In December 20th bitcoin was accepted in Liberala stores owned by the giant. However, in the nearest future it will be available in 550 Gulliver car dealerships located throughout Japan, in New Zealand and the USA. Thus, you can buy a car for an amount not exceeding 100 million yen (880,000 US dollars).

The company’s management explains the decision to take such a step by the very growing popularity of bitcoins.

However, IDOM Inc is not the first one among used-cars dealerships in Japan, who started accepting cryptocurrency as payment. Earlier, three L’operaio dealerships in Tokyo distinguished themselves by that.

List of the products that you can buy for bitcoins, is constantly updating. News feeds are full of messages about a wide variety – elite real estate, concert tickets, dinner in a restaurant and so on. And who will say now that bitcoin is not money?