23.12.2017 Good afternoon!

We firmly assure you that you have no reason for any concern about the sharp drop in the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rates. The MiningNow team has built a stable and reliable counting system, and all our investors are sufficiently protected against external threats.
The MNW tokens, unlike many analogues bound to the bitcoin rate at the ICO stage, are denominated in euros. Accordingly, the financial stability of the project depends more on the volatility of this fiat in the short term. Or on the rate of cryptocurrency which we mine in the long term.
The fact that any cryptocurrency is growing in time, has become a well-known. And at the ICO stage in the MiningNow project a program is implemented, in case of investments in cryptocurrency and its growth relative to the euro, additional MNW tokens are added.
We inform you that such additional payment will take place in February 28, 2018. We confirm to all investors, who trusted us with their cryptocurrency, that their financial investments are not at risk, and moreover they guarantee additional income in two months.
Happy and rich Christmas to you!
Mine together!