08.01.2018 Zuckerberg, Durov and cryptography

In March the founder of the Russian social network VKontakte is launching the TON cryptocurrency, which will be closely integrated with his offspring Telegram.

Meanwhile, the world famous Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, who, according to many, Durov borrowed the idea of VK from, set himself another goal. So, since 2009, the extraordinary billionaire has been puzzling himself for personal achievements: whether to run over the reporting period (a year) 365 miles, read 25 books, learn Mandarin dialect of the Chinese language and so on. He is such a zealot!

For 2018 Zuckerberg has planned to immerse himself in technologies of encryption and cryptocurrency to approach the fact his social network would become less centralized. According to Mark`s opinion, which he expressed on his profile, initially people saw new technologies as a decentralizing force that transferred all control over them. However, over time those innovations became ways of centralization, enabling the government to monitor users. This state of affairs is caused by instability and discord in society. Cryptocurrency and encryption technologies should help to return control to users, writes Zuckerberg.

At first glance, the idea seems really ambitious and even pretty dangerous, because the founder of Facebook declares a desire to openly go against the system in the broadest sense of the word (the state apparatus, intelligence agencies, etc.). But who knows what these geniuses have in mind?

By the way, Pavel Durov has a similar attitude to this problem. Suffice it to recall last year’s scandals, when he refused to provide personal data of Telegram users to Russian intelligence agencies.