10.01.2018 You too, Kodak?

The age of the digital photo, when according to statistics, in a minute as many pictures are taken, as for the entire 19th century, has come. After all, almost everyone has got a camera on his cellphone today, not taking into account special gadgets. However, it was not so long ago they took pictures on films, carried them to Kodak-Express and sent them to printing. For sure, for many Kodak has remained in memory since that time.

Meanwhile, Eastman Kodak Company, a well-known US manufacturer of photographic equipment and supplies, in partnership with WENN Digital intends to release its own KODAKCoin cryptocurrency. The ICO start is scheduled in January 31st, 2018.

According to their idea, an encrypted database will be made, where all photos will be assigned an identification number that attaches them to their authors. When an image is used for commercial purposes, its author will get a reward in KODAKCoin. Of course, the system will work on a blockchain technology.

According to Jeff Clarke, Kodak CEO, this will help the photographers` community cope with problems that until now seemed unsolvable. Most likely, he meant the fact that on the Internet copyrights are often infringed.

After the release of the news, Kodak shares soared by 120%.

Recall that Eastman Kodak Company was founded in 1881 by a manufacturer Henry Strong and a bank employee George Eastman. In the past, it was a market leader, but subsequently lost ground due to strong competitors from Asia.