11.01.2018 Dream to get money from the air came true

So now we have got the fabulous perspective!

UK resident Max Dovey invented a device called spirometer which measures the volume of air breathed and breathed out. This data is subsequently hashed, transferred to a computer and gets into a common blockchain. Each breath involves a certain number of computational operations, and the importance is not only the quantity, but also the frequency.

Thus, the opportunity of mining Monero is given. Now spirometer does not allow to get a noticeable amount of cryptocurrency. So, for a year of testing, about 500 million computing operations were carried out, which led to the appearance of a currency equivalent to only one dollar. However, Dovey pursued a different objective – to show alternative mining, which is important because of the increasingly growing and frightening energy consumption of this industry.

Recall, we have already written about a suit for mining, which uses the heat released by a human body. Perhaps time will pass and there will be a certain technological solution that will most effectively use the resources of our daily life, which we do not use at all in a period of time.

And each of us can generate a certain amount of money which may be enough to provide for life. And since every inhabitant of the planet will emit money, the world economy can change beyond recognition, the value of human life will increase, the balance between rich and poor will become more fair.

However, now we are far away from it. Although twenty years ago we could not imagine all that we are talking about. The technological era is a very interesting time, and it is impossible to imagine what innovations will be read about in a year!