15.01.2018 MiningNow’s tokens rose by 8,2%

Hello dear partners!
The MiningNow team pleased to announce the financial performance of our international project is ahead of the planned growth. This means that the mining strategy was chosen correctly and there is a successful development of production activities in the medium – term perspective.
In particular, the distributable income for January 2018 for investors who purchased MiningNow tokens in the period before December 05 – at the stage of Pre-ICO, amounted to 65,694.97 euros. These funds will be added to the owners of 150,524 tokens.
Thus, in January 15, the reward for each token purchased in the specified period will reach 0.43 euros. The payment is 5.13% of the nominal or 4.65% at the rate at the beginning of 2018.
Investors who joined the MiningNow project in November last year, taking into account the increase in the cost of tokens, can fix the profitability of the mining at a rate of 132% per annum.
We express our gratitude to all our partners and congratulate you on the growth of personal incomes.
Let`s mine together!