16.01.2018 Crime chronicle

At the end of last year, the bitcoin rate had skyrocketed and it caused and it increased criminals` interest in cryptocurrency.

So, we are giving a few high-profile incidents that leaked to the press.

Here are some of them:

Last month in Moscow in the cafe “Batoni” a man gave money in different currencies equivalent to 23 million Russian rubles to potential bitcoin sellers. After receiving the cash, the swindlers left the place not fulfilling their obligations.

Again in Moscow, another incident deprived an entrepreneur 15 million Russian rubles. With a broker he came to the company’s office located in Cherkassy Lane, which offered to buy cryptocurrency. Then, six or eight people entered the room, they said that the broker was actually a fraudster, and, under the threat of physical punishment, took him away, capturing all the money to an unknown direction.

And a popular Russian rock band guitarist`s son did not even go anywhere. He just found a seller on the Internet and transferred him 2 million rubles. As you have already found out, nothing was transferred to his bitcoin wallet.

Let`s talk about other places.

For example, in Ukraine, not everything is that great as well. They tried to steal 15 bitcoins that belonged to a Kharkov web designer. Criminals broke into his house, where, threatening with a knife, they were persuading him to transfer all available cryptocurrency to their wallet. Apparently, the guy somehow deceived the unexpected visitors. However, apparently, the robbers did not get anything, because later the poor fellow received threatening calls. Of course he asked law enforcement agencies for help.

If you think that such cases occur only in the post-Soviet space, then you are very wrong! Here, the United States of America. Threatening with a gun, a gangster dragged a victim into a minibus, took a cellphone and cryptocurrency cold wallet away, and made an attempt to transfer ethereum equivalent to 1.8 million US dollars to his account. By lucky coincidence, the miserable millionaire was able to break free and call the police.

These are just a few examples, in fact there are obviously more of them. It’s worth mentioning cybercriminals who attack the Internet community every day without leaving home. The damage caused by them is growing every day.