18.01.2018 “Only a fool doesn`t change his mind”

Despite the statement made last month by the founder of the Chinese Internet giant Alibaba, Jack Ma, about the lack of plans to link its activities with cryptocurrencies, a platform for mining has been launched.

The company P2P Nodes was registered in October 10 in Nanjing, Tencent News reported. Under the terms of the agreement Alibaba East China Ltd is noted to be the main operating platform.

According to the main provider of inside information cnLedger, the new project can be integrated into the functionality of the main resource. Also there`s an interesting fact that the replenishment of the balance sheet is planned to be carried out only in fiats with the participation of the payment service Alipay, and the withdrawal of cryptocurrency is not directly provided.

The platform declares its activities in favor of “third parties”, and it can be concluded that it`s a cloud-based service that leases a hashrate, Tencent points out.

Anyway, another crypto skeptic hesitated and has walked along the path lit by blockchain.