19.01.2018 Is LockChain a destroyer of Booking.com?

LockChain, a decentralized multiplex for booking hotel rooms all around the world, has launched an alpha version of the service, as it was reported in its release. This opportunity is available only in 600 hotels now, but the developers claim that by the end of February the number will be about 100 thousand.

Unlike the most popular service in the world, Booking.com, which takes about 20% of a room fee, LockChain won`t take a commission from either a client or a hotel. It will allow the first one not to overpay, and the second one to receive the full cost for the services provided.

The total value of the hospitality industry is estimated at $ 500 billion, and LockChain is the first to offer the blockchain technology for the sphere.

In the alpha version, which is fully functional, among other things, there is a personal wallet with multicurrency support, including fiats, and a dynamic offers search for.

After a successful sale of LOC token, which raised 10500 ETH, the price of coins increased by 600%. They are represented on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, such as HitBTC, Mercatox, Etherdelta and Gatecoin.