19.01.2018 Ledger: Series B Funding Round completed

It is not enough to make money, it is important to be able to save them. In the case of cryptocurrency, there isn`t any reliable methods but keeping cryptocoins in a hardware wallet that doesn`t have access to the global network.

The French Ledger company producing cold storage devices announced the closing of the Series B funding round. It raised about 75 million USD.

The company’s popular products are hardware wallets Nano S and Nano Blue. It`s recently become known that in total the firm sold more than a million Nano S units.

The raised money will be used to scale up the business and popularize cryptocurrencies. The organization also says it`s developing a new product, which is a new approach to managing cryptocurrency assets. Ledger Vault, that`s the upcoming device is called, is focused on institutional investors, which are, among others, banks and hedge funds.

Recall: the Series A funding round finished in last March and raised $ 7,000,000.

In autumn 2017, Ledger announced the beginning of cooperation with the American manufacturer Intel, whose goal is to develop solutions for more secure storage of digital currencies.