22.01.2018 Credit Suisse is reassuring!

The report of the Swiss financial holding Credit Suisse has been recently published. It states that the growth of the mining`s popularity won`t lead to an ecological catastrophe.

Recall: due to the sharply increased interest in the cryptocurrency mining in recent years, there is a fear that in 2018 the possible increase in energy consumption in this sector will reach 140 TWh. A huge figure …

However, Swiss analysts have their own opinion on this matter. They consider the forecasting of a linear increase in energy consumption to be incorrect due to the fact that more and more companies are focusing their efforts on the use of alternative energy sources. And this makes mining more profitable, besides it creates competitive advantages in the market.

Despite the nervous atmosphere among ecologists and environmentalists, the holding’s specialists insist that the situation does not even threaten energy or ecological Armageddon.

According to Credit Suisse forecasts, in 2018 cryptocurrency miners will spend no more than $ 5 billion on electricity, while the total expenses of the whole planet will be 6 trillion.

They also note that major market players are transferring their capacities to the regions that have cheap electricity, thereby they positively affect the general statistics.

We will rely on the rightness of Swiss specialists!