24.01.2018 Buterin asking for money

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, on his Twitter account warned the community about a new kind of fraud. The situation is ridiculous. From an imposter you get a mail on behalf of Buterin asking to lend him some money. The reason for this request is an allegedly broken laptop. Criminals also point out: to get the cold wallet, where Vitalik’s capital is kept, a week is needed.

It`s difficult to imagine who can believe in such a deception that doesn`t hold water. It`s like Bill Gates asking you for a Windows service key, because now he doesn`t have the opportunity to enter his own.

In his message Buterin asks to consider these mails to be fraudulent and not to react at all. At best, contact him personally.

Recall, the other day a popular phishing scheme on Facebook was revealed. Prior to that, owners of purchased at the e-Bay Internet auction Ledger wallets became victims.

However that may be, we are not going to stop calling on you to be watchful on the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, there`s much danger.