26.01.2018 Airport accepts cryptocurrency

You can come up with thousands of reasons to do nothing: weather conditions, economic or political situation, geographical isolation … However, despite the fact that Australia is far away from most of the countries that determine the world economy, it increasingly appears in the news lines of cryptocurrency market. It means the directivity to innovations of the country.

The airport of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, now accepts cryptocurrencies. This is the first airport in the world which has launched the innovation.

On the official website the administration of the transport hub announced a cooperation with the TravelbyBit platform, which allows processing payments in Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum and some other digital currencies. In this way you can pay in shops and restaurants in the two terminals of the airport.

According to the General Manager for Strategic Planning and Development of Brisbane Airport Corporation Roel Hellemons, it becomes clear the company has decided to provide this opportunity due to the understanding that nowadays many people make money investing in cryptocurrencies, and they also travel around the world and should have the opportunity to pay with digital money on the territory of an airport.

It remains to wait, when their colleagues in all countries will join such a topical undertaking!