28.01.2018 Venezuelan bitcoin is the most profitable

The agency Elite Fixtures has released a rating of countries where it is most profitable to mine bitcoins.
The first place of the top-list goes to Venezuela, where the prime cost of one coin is 530 US dollars. The second place – Trinidad and Tobago with an indicator of $ 1190, Uzbekistan closes the top three – $ 1790.
The cost price is calculated from the expenses on electricity spent on mining one bitcoin.
The top 20 includes mainly the states of Eastern Europe and Asia. Ukraine has also entered it – $ 1852, Kuwait – $ 1983, Belarus – $ 2177, China – $ 3172. The cost price in Russia exceeds the Venezuelan one almost 9 times – $ 4,675.
The most expensive bitcoin is in South Korea. Despite the super popularity of the cryptocurrency in this country, it is unprofitable to mine there, as the prime cost is $ 26170. Today it is more than twice higher than the current market price.
The states of Western Europe took almost entirely the top 20 list of countries with the most expensive electricity.