29.01.2018 Trick or treat?

The FBI center of complaints received an appeal, the reason of which was a new kind of Internet fraud. The crux of the matter is a user gets a message which states that an order for the addressee`s assassination has been received, and in order to avoid it, bitcoins equivalent to $ 2800 have to be transferred.
The text of the message, according to agents, is carefully formulated and horrifies an unprepared person. Thus, intimidation by murder is a very easy way of making money, even if only 1% of recipients pay to criminals.
According to the representative of the FBI, Laura Eimiller, every day about 800 Americans apply to them, and only 15% of cases are a real threat.
Such passions are running high in the USA. It remains to hope that states will find a way to overcome such manifestations, as every day the news reports look more and more frightening.
Recall, last year in Turkey there was the first murder for cryptocurrency…