30.01.2018 Real estate agents in trend: house for bitcoins

Yitanzi, a Tokyo – based real estate company, put up a building for sale, valuing it at 547 bitcoins ($ 6 million).
CTO of the firm Yokosawa Yuske explained the readiness of many crypto investors to sell real estate for cryptocurrency by their desire to increase their trading limits without the verification process, as it is impossible to purchase a massive amount of bitcoins on cryptocurrency exchanges without undergoing this process. On the other hand, he says, there are enough interested people ready to spend digital money they have earned in recent years, and real estate in this case is a good object for investments.
A representative of Yitanzi assured that the building would be sold in the near future, but details of the deal were not disclosed.
Over the past months, we have occasionally encountered news stories about such cases in different parts of the world. Real estate, cars, household appliances, food, entertainment and so on – everything can be bought with a while ago not existing payment units that, by the way, are still ambiguously accepted by the governments of most countries of the world. And despite the endless debate on legality and the future of cryptocurrencies, they have already become a part of the economy, entering it without knocking and without asking permission.