An interesting interrelation was promulgated by experts. Who would ever have thought.

Cryptocurrency analyst Nick Colas of Datatrek Research says: there is a direct dependence of the bitcoin rate on the trends of the world’s largest search engine. So, last December, when we all were watching the excitement around the first cryptocurrency, the number of web search queries on the bitcoin topic and the creation of wallets was very high. It was due to the high interest and desire to invest. The BTC rate confirmed this interest.

After the release of negative news, the activity of searching of these queries in the first month of the year decreased sharply, and the rate fell to $ 10,000 per coin.

Colas believes that now we need to expect positive news, which will spur the growth in the number of users supporting the upward trend.

The same considerations were expressed by the expert Christopher Burniske from ARK Invest. He believes that the pair BTC / USD correlates directly with the trends of Google’s queries, and called this phenomenon “the enchanted circle of Satoshi.”

Also a popular search phrase “buy bitcoins with a credit card,” arouses interest. It reflects the willingness of the Internet community to raise borrowed funds for investing in bitcoin.