02.02.2018 Blockchain city

The government of Taipei, Taiwan, has reached an agreement with IOTA on its intention to become a smart city, using the technology of blockchain. The choice of the metropolitan administration fell on IOTA because of their technology Tangle, which is able to provide a number of new solutions for residents.
The first step will be the creation of identity cards “TangleID”, which will store all the necessary information for interaction with government authorities, including data on citizen`s health. This initiative is primarily related to the need to eliminate the risks of personal data`s theft and fraud of votes. “TangleID” is planned to be made in the size of a palm and, among other things, equipped with sensors that show the actual state of the environment, such as humidity, temperature and pollution levels.
It isn`t reported yet on the further steps of the implementation of blockchain into the megacity`s life, but on all grounds the project is very ambitious. We hope that the experiment will be successful, and innovations will go beyond the boundaries of one settlement.
Similar experiments are held not only in Taipei, but each place has its features. Now it is difficult to say exactly where the technological thought will go further, it remains only to watch and wait for the results. Let’s get some popcorn!