04.02.2018 FedEx services will become more transparent

You have certainly watched Robert Zemeckis’ remarkable film “Cast Away” starring Tom Hanks. There he plays an employee of the postal company FedEx. In the plot the plane the character is on in his line of work, crashes, and Chuck, our character`s name, is on a desert island. Because of the loneliness and melancholy, if you remember, he begins to talk with the ball, seeing him as the only friend and companion in this difficult life situation. He even gives him the name Wilson. And how he cried when the ball was blown into the ocean …
This prologue leads to the fact that if the action of the film took place not in 1995-2000, but now, the character of Hanks could have long conversations with Wilson on the introduction of blockchain technology in the work of the company FedEx.
The modernization was the result of the accession of one of the largest transport companies to the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA). According to the industry publication FreightWaves, the in the frameworks of the alliance the organization is testing several developments, including integration of blockchain technologies into their daily operations.
According to Dale Christie, Vice President for Strategic Planning and Analysis, the program has already been launched to store data needed to resolve disputes. Its purpose is to identify information for a permanent ledger, which is required for convenient facilitation of disputes between customers and the company.
Christie believes that blockchain is a perspective technology which is able to simplify the data exchange process.
And Kevin Humphreys, FedEx IT Senior Vice President, expressed the same optimistic thoughts, adding that the innovations will make it more convenient to track parcels not only while they are at the company’s disposal, but before and after. That’s really interesting!
The conversation between Chuck and Wilson could have been long and interesting, as blockchain is chasm of possibilities, just like any technological breakthrough! By the way, who have not watched the film – spare time, it is really fascinating – a modern Robinsonade, funny and sad, however, like our whole life.