05.02.2018 “Was swimming once along the Yangtze River and thinking: the Chinese have done good job!”

Baidu, the Chinese search engine, presented the general public an analog of the CryptoKitties project, but this time the main characters are not kittens, but puppies. The startup was called “Leci Gou” or “Pet Chain”.
Recall, CryptoKitties appeared last year and became a headache for the developers of the blockchain Ethereum, since with the launch the cryptocurrency network began to experience overloads, which significantly increased the transaction time.
Whose blockchain will be use by “Leci Gou” is not known yet. Already now, the site of the project presents different types of puppies, each has its own cost and rarity. It is assumed that users will buy and develop pets, exchange them, and all such operations will be reflected in the project’s blockchain.
The authors of the project are their own search system`s specialists, who among others take part in the development of projects of the Hyperledger consortium.
Already now, any logged in user can get one crypto-puppy and 1000 points for trading operations using them.
The whole story with CryptoKitties and Leci Gou reminds a fun toy from the 90s, that was called Tamagotchi. It was an electronic gadget, where a digital pet lived. It had to be looked after, fed, and if the care of a pet was improper, it died. It is interesting that now it has taken a completely different form, and digital pets are sold for very serious money.