07.02.2018 In search of lost ships

Deepwater Systems, an Ecuadorian team of enthusiasts, took the challenge to search sunken ships, using modern technologies for this fascinating process, namely artificial intelligence and blockchain.
Surely, in childhood everyone with some thrill read or watched films about pirates and treasure hunt, imagining being adventurers! And you know what? Someone’s old dreams come true!
The complexity of prospecting is the disparity of historical data, point-wise deep-sea studies and inaccurate calculations.
At the bottom of the World Ocean there are about three million vessels containing good valued trillion dollars (according to UNESCO). The most interesting places with a high probability of finding objects are the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea basin and the “Golden Triangle of Treasures.”
The main idea of the project is the following: the system Deep Learning developed by the company allows you to recognize underwater objects with an accuracy of 98%. The data of the autonomous scanning of a seabed is sent to a consort from specially designed unmanned underwater vehicles called gliders made with the introduction of artificial intelligence technology.
All information will be transmitted and stored on blockchain. The end product will be lots with the goods` coordinates, which are planned to be sold from the auction. Thus, in addition to own benefit, it will provide an extra inflow of money into the crypto industry.
As we see, the company plans to engage only in research activities. It`s understandable, as organizing the lifting of something from the bottom of the sea is the matter that requires completely different capital investments and skills. It can be assumed that there are a lot of people who would like to buy this kind of information.