In the state of New York, the United States, the authorities are planning to start an ambitious project to re-equip an abandoned smeltery in the village of Massena to a huge mining farm, where they will install no less than 180.000 (one hundred and eighty thousand !!!) miners, and the target cryptocurrency will be bitcoin.
The location of the project`s implementation is due to the availability of cheap electricity supplied from a nearby hydroelectric plant. The output power will reach 15 MW.
The volume of investments is about $ 165 million. In addition to the business component, an important factor for initiators is 150 workplaces made during the implementation of the plan. These are security personnel, IT specialists, service staff, electricians, whose average annual salary will be $ 46.000.
The implementation period is two years. 75 employees will be hired in 2018, 75 – in 2019.
We may be wrong, but perhaps this project will launch the largest cryptocurrency farm in the world. It is pleasant to understand that a relatively new industry is beginning to affect the society providing people with jobs in places where there may not be enough ones. There are a lot of videos on YouTube showing large cryptoplants for currencies mining, but they announce the number of 3.000 miners. OK, 5.000. And here they have 180.000!
We will wait for the news from the state of New York. It is really interesting! And it would be nice to get how they will manage to reject such an incredibly huge amount of heat generated during the technological process. We wish good luck to our American colleagues!