09.02.2018 Bitcoin is falling, but the MNW token doesn`t really care

Against the background of cryptocurrency community worries our investors keep calm.
And this is quite understandable. The team of the international project Mining Now systematically overcame three collapses of cryptocurrency in a row. The developed plan allows moving forward, accurately fulfilling all the inferred financial obligations for investors and partners.
It`s enough to say that over the past period of 2018, the price of MNW token increased from 9.2 to 9.6 euros. At the beginning of this year, the unit yield of the digital asset was 57.33%, as on February 1 it was 51.33%.
It’s easy to see that the business model of the international Mining Now project allows you to hedge against sharp fluctuations in the cryptocurrency cost in the market. The price of our tokens is set based on the average monthly return of 3%. Accordingly, even in the case of financial jumps of bitcoin, MNW tokens continue work to improve the financial well-being of each investor and partner.
Frankly speaking, the general panic in the cuprocurrency market to some extent affects the growth of the price of our tokens. They`re growing a little bit slower, but do not become cheaper. Therefore, the estimated amount of payments for February will be 34 euro cents per a token, which is 3.54% of its value.
And now the main thing.Even though bitcoin is falling down, MNW token does not really care. The declared amount of the February payment is equivalent to its value of 11.33 euros. Conclusion – it`s even more interesting to invest in our project now than in the period of growth of cryptocurrency. Do not miss your chance not to get lost in the crypto-ocean.
Let`s mine together!