10.02.2018 The dark net changes preferences

Representatives of a far-famed in the inner circle Recorded Future company, dealing with cybersecurity, suggested that in the Darknet in 2018 the cryptocurrency leader will change. It is Bitcoin so far, but Litecoin and DASH are increasingly competing with it.
Researchers say that after studying about 150 forums, marketplaces and illegal services of the dark web, they came to the conclusion: a third of resources support Litecoin, 20% – DASH.
A representative of Dash Core Group took the statement with indignation, assuring that 20% is an absurd figure, which has no evidence.
Nevertheless, we can see the tendency when alcoins start catching up with the first cryptocurrency, and the reasons for this can be explained by a high commission for transactions and workload of the network, a sharp correction of the exchange rate. And the statistics confirms this: in March 2017 the share of bitcoin in the capitalization of the market was fluctuating at the level of 70%, and today it is 35% – a two times fall.
Darknet is an area of the World Wide Web where resources are not indexed by search engines, and personal data is closed to trackers and law enforcement. As one might guess, banned goods trade, like drugs, weapons, hacker services, etc., sometimes flourishes here. You can get into the dark area of the Internet through special anonymizers, ordinary browsers do not give such an opportunity.
By the way, there is some interesting news on the Darknet. In Bangkok, at the request of the FBI, Sergei Medvedev was detained, suspected of organizing an Infraud site, a Darknet resource which was used to sell fake credit cards, illegal financial information, weapons, drugs, etc. 100.000 BTC were found on the account of the figurant, it is a huge amount of money! Earlier, on February 6, the US authorities closed Infraud, 32 members of the group have been already arrested on the case.