11.02.2018 What you should not do

Really funny stories of the category “What were they expecting for” appear in news feeds from time to time.
Two workers of the nuclear center in the city of Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region, were caught in the misuse of a supercomputer, which is supposed to be used for performing scientific tasks. They did not come up with anything smart but bringing such an expensive and important device to the World Wide Web (it does not have access) to mine bitcoin. Obviously, the security service of the scientific institution reacted and exposed the plotter criminals, taking them to the FSB of Russia. The investigation is being carried on, miners-losers have written undertaking not to leave the place.
And in Kemerovo, an employee of a management company equipped a cryptofarm in the back room of the apartment house, which he was also exposed in.
An inhabitant of Angarsk rented a room in a tram park, where he installed equipment for mining digital money. Everything was revealed when the landlords received an electricity bill.
The head of Sberbank of Russia, German Gref, has recently admitted that the use of bank equipment for mining cryptocurrency was repeated many times.
And these are only a few cases. Interest in cryptocurrency, as a way to earn money, and perhaps a lot of money, is growing. However, as we can see, it is not always possible to take the right steps. And it is much easier to build relations with industrial mining. Then you have no problems with intelligence agencies.