12.02.2018 Attention! DNA for sale!

Scientists at Harvard University are sure everyone can earn.

They have made Nebula Genomics startup. Its idea is to organize the storage, transfer and sale of genetic information. According to the idea of the initiators, anyone can monetize their DNA by providing the key to the encrypted DNA information to an interested person. And in return receive tokens, which in the future, if desired, can be converted to fiats.

The project`s leader is the geneticist George Church, known for his work in the field of genome sequencing and interpreting the data in synthetic biology and genetic engineering.

The interested party which needs large amount of DNA data is pharmacological companies which study the correlation of DNA information and diseases. Such research helps in the search for medicines for serious diseases. Now these organizations spend millions of dollars to buy such information from academic institutions or companies for the analysis of genetic data.

Blockchain makes it possible to reduce the cost of genome`s decoding to $ 1.000 which is available to a wide range of people. And for those who do not have this money, it will be possible to put their genome for sale not decoding it to find an investor ready to pay for the procedure.

The ICO start date has not been announced yet. It is expected that pharmaceutical companies will become its active participants. Organizers assure that the circulation of Nebula tokens is provided exclusively within the market of genetic information and, unlike popular cryptocurrencies, they can not be used for purchases.