12.02.2018 Blockchain Academy will open its doors in China

Ex-employees of two Chinese Internet giants decided to build an academy to train up specialists in the blockchain industry.

Jianxiang Mo, the Ex-Chief Architect from Alibaba, and Haiyang Xu, the Ex-Chief Architect from Baidu, combined efforts to create an educational institution focused to help develop the future generation of talents in the field of FinTech.
According to Mo, only a few hundred people in China are able to write the public key code. Thus, we can see the lack of staff, and the educational services of the Academy will be in great demand, like future graduates. The creators compare their offspring with the elite military academy, which will be graduated by generals in the FinTech field.
There are no details on the Academy`s location and the curriculum yet. It is only known that the volume of investments has already amounted to $ 100 million. Xu and Mo promise to start the school by the end of 2018.
And at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, they are recruiting for the course “Legal foundations and practices of working with cryptocurrency and blockchain projects”. And although here we are talking about the regulation of cryptocurrency market, we can assume that the number of universities and training courses, which have the word “blockchain” in the title, will eventually grow.